How to get customers to buy your product



They say nothing happens in business until a sale is made. However, it is one of the most difficult things to be able to get done. Everyone thinks they have the answer as to the best way to get sales. You hear things like “you have to use social media, you have to use email, you need to focus on customer service.” With all the conflicting ways to attract and convert customers, it can give you analysis paralysis. We believe it all starts with your website and getting customers to stay on your website and move through the entire sales process. Here we will discuss elements of your product pages and how our HCP (high-converting page) is a great way to bring in and convert customers.

What is a Unique Selling Proposition and Why does it matter?


Your Unique Selling Proposition or USP is what makes your business and your product or service different. It’s what you do or offer that nobody else does in your market. Some examples may include higher quality products, a lower price, a better customer experience, or new technological innovation.

If you struggle to identify your USP, you’ll have a hard time showing prospective customers that you are better or different from your competitors. A USP can be used to show your differentiation on your website and highlight what you can offer that your competitors can’t.

Discovering your target market


If you say your target market is everyone or anyone who likes “x” or something similar you need to start researching further into your customer base. To properly identify your target market you’ll need to look at your existing customer base and start to divide them into groups. You can identify similarities and differences in your customer base and start to recognize how you can better serve them.

One way to discover your target market is to analyze what your competitors are doing. Here are some questions you can ask about your competitors to help niche down into your unique target market:

  • How do they work with their customers?
  • What group of customers are they currently targeting?
  • How would your product/service help customers better or worse?
  • What opportunities are your competitors missing out on with your target market?
  • Are groups of customers being ignored by rivals?
  • Could your offer serve those ignored groups of customers?

How to use Conversion-increasing widgets


According to Word stream a funnel marketing company, a great conversion rate is about 2% meaning for every 100 visitors to your website you should get about 2 customers. Fortune 500 companies average about 5% Adding widgets to your website can improve conversion rate to match or even surpass the average, and give you a further advantage with customers.

Here are some great conversion increasing widgets you can use to better your conversion rate:

  • Chatbots- These can be your 24/7 customer service agents to answer questions while you sleep and to help drive sales for you. You can control the flow of your chatbot and what is being said so you can better control the outcome of those conversations.
  • Coupon- Once someone has been on your website for a certain amount of time you can have a popup with a coupon show up on the page. This allows you to offer something exclusive to a site visitor and ideally drive them to buy.
  • Latest conversion-This is a great widget that can be used on your website to show things occurring on the page like how many visitors are currently on the page, where people are purchasing from, and what people have bought. If customers see live results happening on the page they will want to feel included.
  • Social proof-This widget shows reviews for your product from all over. The average customer reads about 10 reviews prior to buying a product. This will help to show your customers that you have lots of satisfied customers.

Use Analytics and Tracking tools


The data tells the story about your website. Understanding what your data says on each page is important to influence your customer’s journey. We use and recommend the most appropriate data tracking tools for your HCP, install them on each page, and help explain what your collected data means and how it can help you convert more customers.

Once you have gathered enough data you can further customize your customer’s experience and it allows you to make changes to your website that will further increase the on-page conversion.

How we can help

You can go anywhere and get yourself a website template. You can DIY it and you’ll have a serviceable website, but if you’re looking to maximize sales, attract more buyers, and then convert them when they are on-page then you need an expert. We treat your business and each business we work with as the unique service it provides. We customize the experience of each client to make sure their products and services are presented in the best light possible. Here is how the process of working together works:

  • Discover- First, we work together with you to discover what it is that you uniquely offer to customers and we analyze your current customer base to see how we can best highlight your products or services and show them how your product is the best option to solve their problems.
  • Define- Here we will start to look for the best technologies, widgets, branding, and logos that will best show off your brand and will set up your page to convert customers at the highest rate available.
  • Declaration-Here we will go to work creating your website with our designers, developers, and writing team to create the best HCP possible.

We developed and designed High-Converting Pages because we noticed a trending gap that kept businesses and clients from properly interacting with one another. Brands were unable to land a meaningful connection with their audience and eCommerce shops lost customers during different phases of the sales funnel. Through experimentation, data collection, and next-level design techniques coupled with unique user interactions we establish a bond between your customer and your product. You can get your HCP started today here