This morning while listening to famous physicist Brian Green, I realized that at the end of it all, and I mean when we are 80, 90 or perhaps lucky enough to reach 100 years old, there is an opportunity of two things for us to leave behind, even after we are gone.

The first one is Family. For those of us who are lucky enough, there’s an opportunity to get married, raise kids and experience something that is part of us and yet continues to live after we are gone.

The second is Work. Meaningful, life-altering work we get to do with and for people we care.

It’s this time in our lives when people are talking about the opportunity of taking a short break from the “same old” in order to get an objective view of where we stand and decide where we want to go.

This time will probably pass quickly, just like time always tends to pass. So, if what’s left after you are gone is your Work, your contribution, what would you hope to leave behind for the rest of us?

There is much more to a job than simply trading time for money, I believe it, at least for some of us. Being international about the choices that lead our lives is what matters.

How big is your ambition? Act on it. Don’t let things slip away. There may not be another chance. Perhaps your idea can change the world, or maybe transform a thousand hearts. It all counts!

Choose to do meaningful Work that changes people. If you need help or simply not sure where to start, then let’s connect. I’m sure you can build something great.